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Old 23rd December 2017
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My 30-year-old Realistic Optima 77 "bookshelf" speakers with a 4 1/2" woofer. I'm sure I didn't pay more than $40-50 for the pair when I bought them, and now they are selling used on eBay for 2-3 times that amount. These made excellent reference speakers for telephone "on-hold" recordings, voice prompts for electronic gadgets, and AM radio spots. I speak about them in the past-tense because very recently, the foam ring on one of them finally crumbled to dust. I've tried to find a replacement woofer to no avail, and I don't trust that re-foaming them will result in speakers that have the same magic.

These being gone now, I suppose my best current low-budget piece of gear would be my $29 Behringer audio interface.