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Old 18th December 2017
Here for the gear

The most novel thing I've ever used is Unfilter by Zynaptiq:

zynaptiq: UNFILTER

It's expensive but "Miracle Enhancer" is a great term for what it can do w/ some otherwise lost recordings. I find it works really well on music where the bass has been cut/lost. Acon's "defilter" is their response to this tool but while "defilter" is helpful it doesn't almost recreate lost aspects of the audio. I know Zynaptiq prides themselves on being one of a kind using custom algorithms etc.

I didn't find Zynaptiq's "Unveil" nor "Unchirp" as useful as I'd hoped (I prefer Acons deverb over Unveil and Unchirp didn't yield good results when I trialed it). That said Unfilter is unmatched imho.

After "Unfilter" restores the sound I'll usually tweak it beyond that w/ more conventional tools.

Zynaptiq UNFILTER Adaptive Tonal Contour Linearization Processor Overview - YouTube