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Old 17th December 2017
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Computer is dangerous

A few days ago I decided to delete all my files(Music projects). Right when I did it I saw my whole head drei. To the side. Pull.

Super power

and also think of all the people you fuse the audio with. You fuse with them. In the universe. It is not good.

Another thing I think is strange is the Ludwiig black magic Snare drum and then the Toontrack Drums from HELL..Pretty strange.

When I deleted the files I felt the biggest releif.

I am a little psychic.Just wanted to share some stuff with someone out there. I am recording to tape from now on and I feel so much better.

Also think. The future can do what ever they want with your files. 1000 years from now or even 200.

Well merry christmas.

I have a big problem.