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+1 to everything John_Cunningham said.

Just want to add that you only pay for bumps used and only after the item sells.

Also, I've had buyers tell me my listings were showing up at the top of product searches on Google. I don't know if that's a Reverb thing, or a Google thing, but I've never had that happen selling on eBay.
That's reverb. I used to love googling something I was selling and seeing it pop right up, first thing you see on the search page. That's more than eBay could ever do.

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i hate ebay but nothing moves as fast as ebay. fact. argue all you want. i hate them too fees higher, but again... nothing moves as fast. again - fact.

i personally like gs the most because you get the best deals and if the person has a history here with a considerable amount of posts you can generally trust them but either way always go through paypal. gs is super slow though for some reason. shame. there's a kinship here and easier to speak to people.

reverb is iffy, good for some basic things like generic strats and marshall starter amps. more high end things move much slower.
I disagree with this. EBay is the home of the tire kickers. Can't think of how many times I've had a sale complete and the buyer backed out.

Reverb is great with high end gear, also. My high end items moved quickly (eventide harmonizers, focusrite red pres, Amek/neve buss compressors, RCF touring subwoofers, etc etc)
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Surely, it depends on the item, but I've had gear shipped within hours of listing it on Reverb and had the payout in my bank account the next morning.
This. I loved that. As a preferred seller, once your tracking number is scanned in at the post office/ups/FedEx etc, the funds are released into your account the next morning.