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Phew! Glad I am in my seventies - or does that lump me in with all those old geezers in the 60+ part? I dumped Sonar (although I kept it up to date right till the lifetime upgrades announcement - knell of passing doom!) and moved to Reaper. A great community and still growing like crazy. As is the program.
And that shaky grasp on technology - can I then assume that all you kids have a shaky grasp on the underlying principles of recording, since you werent there for the days of hardware?

And remember YOU will be old one day, when all of a sudden you will be saying things like " I am old, not dead".
lol I knew someone would take that the wrong way. Not that there's any need to - it was just a simple matter of fact observation after all. There's nothing wrong with being old, and indeed at 45 I've been called "old and out of touch" on an EDM forum. Its true what I said about the over 50's being less technically minded than the younger generation when it comes to computing technology, especially as that technology stands today. Many of that age group didn't grow up with computers, and managed to avoid them until they were in their 30's and 40's - contrast this with kids today who have used computers from infanthood. Stark difference. This is just a generalization of course, there are inevitably exceptions on both sides.

And yes, kiddiwinks today are generally more ignorant of traditional recording techniques than the oldiwonks! They have a pretty shady grasp of how tracks were recorded before the age of DAW's. They're generally blown away by the idea, for example, that hardware constraints meant you couldn't just throw your 1176 on every track simultaneously, and they have trouble understanding how such great mixes were achievable without the ability to sidechain everything to everything else and without being able to throw an instance of Pro-Q on every track.