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As someone who's used eBay and reverb excessively, I'd pick reverb any day of the week.

Reverb is all about music, so you are already advertising to the right crowd. Reverb also has a great system in place for buyers to message you, and I find that reverb buyers are much easier to work with.

I've sold over $18,000 worth on reverb alone this year in part to liquidating someone's gear collection for them, and it's been a breeze.

Reverb bump is worth the money, and the price depends on your asking price of the item in question. I've had a few auctions without bump, and a few with bump on, on pretty similar items to gauge how the bump feature actually works, and it was night and day. The bump stuff sold very quickly (some items within 2 hours of posting) vs the non bump gear which sat for 4-6 weeks.

Reverb also has a print shipping label option which is always much cheaper then taking it to the post office, and offers seller protection and signature confirmation/tracking. This is a big plus.

Reverb also has the lowest fees I've found for an online retailer, cheaper than eBay and PayPal.

As far as dealing with sketchy people, I feel reverb had the least of this when I was selling high dollar gear. I always attached A TON of photos to exactly show what it was you were getting, and gave very detailed descriptions. I've only had one issue with a seller on reverb, and it was due to a banking error (his payment never cleared, and I got a hot headed email about it a week later wondering where his gear was), but it was easily sorted out.

Lastly, I've found that reverbs customer service is great as a company, especially once it gets to the point where a buyer is coming after a seller for some reason. They really do back their sellers 100%.