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Jaysus Ive been buying gear like a crack ***** and am now feeling a bit sick of all the GAS’ing. I’ve built an amazing setup
the question is: what are you doing with that setup?
are you recording, like all the time?

or are you "waiting" until your setup is completely "there" before you embark on your most important projects?

if you are using the gear, I don't see a problem
if you are just amassing gear, I see a huge problem

What are your tactics on avoiding buying gear you don’t need?
I am an engineer. I keep an eye on my bottom line. I buy things on the basis of needing them to do the jobs that I get. I would 'like' to buy a remote recording 24 channel black box recorder, for example, but I don't get enough of those kinds of jobs, so I don't. I bought some new really nice SDCs because I have been getting more classical recording. It was justified because that's what I am doing. And they come in handy for acoustic guitars and so on.

I don't have any crap, I have at least one good thing for every 'position'. But not a lot of 'extras'.

I look at it like: how many gigs does it take to pay off that new mic? Every time I can take a job and not need to buy anything new to do it, it's a sort of mini-victory for the old bottom line. A confirmation that my kit is 'complete' even if it is not yet (and never will be) 'perfect'.