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Hope this picture makes the explanations clearer.

Addendum: 2017-12-17:
I have started to test a few more sysex commands (Remote Control and regular sysex). Still using the old Jazz-Soft plug-in. Might see if I can rewrite the pages to work with newer browsers, but there's a huge learning curve there. Just started testing Copy Pattern and Copy Song sysex commands (to the edit buffer). Not 100% sure those will be useful if in fact they work at all. On the other hand, copying a preset to the edit buffer seems to work; attempting to copy arp patterns and arp parameters to the edit buffer doesn't work.

Update: 2017-12-27:
I have started to look into updating the web-based functionality; there is some potential to use Jazz-Soft's newest library which makes use of Web MIDI and seems to work with chrome's current browser (unfortunately, not FF).
I discovered a short while ago that Opera also supports Web MIDI and the use of Jazz-Soft's JZZ.js library. There is evidence that post v.57 Firefox might someday have a Web MIDI extension. So, as timer permits, I will attempt to tweak the browser-based sysex web-pages so they work in newer browsers. Thanks to everyone who showed an interest in E-Mu's Remote Control sysex.

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