thread: Mixbus vs 32c
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Old 14th December 2017
Deleted efff87a
Overall I like (and use) 32Cv4 better than v4 for the above mentioned reasons (EQ and 12 mixbuses). But both sound extremely good.

Per the Harrison plugins, I’m on the fence about them due to price and lack of AU or VST compatibility. I did pick up the Reverb and Delay plugs a while back whenever I bought v4 as they were discounted at the checkout but the only other plugs that seem tempting are the Character plugs. To be honest I’ve got so many other 3rd-party plugins in my quiver as it is and I’d rather put future $$ towards plugs that are cross-compatible with the rest of my DAWs. Not sure the Harrison plugs merit the asking price, at least for my usage. They do sound good but so do a lot of other plugs.