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I am surprised the Shure KSM8 isn't there. It's the only dynamic microphone released this decade with actually new technology, and you can see it everywhere in public address and in interviews now. It lacks upper treble frequencies above 10k so I wouldn't use it as a singing mic for R&B or pop, but when that isn't required (again, spoken word public address) it is in many ways the mic to beat.

The silver version looks super cool in an art d├ęco kind of way.

The M201 was my favourite dynamic mic but the latest versions made this year are kind of harsh and Beyerdynamic didn't seem to care when I contacted them about it. I would use it for vocals over most others actually, the foam windshield it comes with is great for that. I think it sounds flatter and more natural than both the M88 (similar but less refined, a bit more brash) and the M69 (which sounds like it's got a huge upper midrange bump).

I tried to love the Telefunken M80, and it sounds great although a bit harsh, but the mic isn't particularly rugged, and the grille gets stained after a few months.