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i've attached a spreadsheet with all the sysex commands i've been able to retrieve, as you can see i'm missing a few (esp. for track mute 1/9)
-most of these are not in the 2.2 sysex manual-
if anybody has an idea, please share/update
It sounds like you have stumbled onto stuff that a number of us have discussed in the Yahoo XL-7 USer Group. There is a whole lot that is not documented in the manual. If you saw my post from about a month ago (re: the Jazz-Soft plug-in), I thing I mentioned possibly posting the web pages I have only on my PC. I have resources for sending every possible sysex value (00-7F) for the remote control and monitoring the sysex response. (Sometimes there are changes that don't give responses; sometimes there are responses. I also have commands that will turn the knob all the way left, all the way right, +1 and -1, and + 10 and -10.

I did not yet implement browser-based buttons to do multiple button presses, but that is possible, too.

I didn't push those pages to my site, but I could do that if you are interested in exploring.

I know on paper I mapped out all of the values that do stuff. As I recall, there is a logic to the sysex values that handle the 16 buttons. If I can find my stack of notes, I will scan and post it.

Maybe others will start getting into the untapped potential for E-Mu's remote control mode.