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Hi there, I've been trying the DP demo for a while. I think I've got a reasonable handle on it, but since it's so powerful, it seems it might be able to do some things outside the obvious. Or maybe it's obvious? Anyway, I did consult the manual but couldn't figure this out. So please pardon me if this question is ridiculous.

Is it possible to set up a two bar drum loop in one sequence, and then play it simultaneously with a different sequence?

I DON"T mean using chunks in a song. (I realize I could just copy and paste, or set up a repeating midi track for like twenty minutes if need be). And I don't mean using POLAR.

It seems like, you would be able to "play" enable more than one sequence at a time perhaps?

My purpose really is to be able to play a drum loop, and improvise over it linearly for a undefined period of time. On my Kurzweil K2661, I could set a drum pattern to "unloop" which just means, it records as long as you play.

Anyway, any help is appreciated, even if the answer is "nope, can't be done."

Nah, sorry

Not buying it,

I've seen waaaay to many posts like this on GS lately to think its anything other than someone trying to drive traffic away from an undisputed industry dominator, I think all these threads are an attempt to dumb down the site and drive traditional users away.

There have been TONS of these threads lately

Something is up with that, and I'm pretty sure I know what