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Just to add, those hardware inserst are really easy to set up and work well and reliably.

One thing to note though is that you can't drag your hardware inserts around. In Cubase e.g. you can drag your hardware inserts from a track to another track (like a aplugin). This is NOT possible in Mixbus. If you wanna have your hardware on a different track, you'd have to delete the insert on the current track and create it again on the new one. Workaroudn for me is to have audio tracks with my hardware in the template, decide which tracks need what and pulling the audio to that track accordingly.

CPU usage is higher, as Ben said, but far from problematic. As long as you don't run 200 tracks, I guess.

It's been said many times in this and other threads: The difference is the EQ AND 12 instead of 8 busses which I find very important!
thank you all !!