thread: Mixbus vs 32c
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Old 9th December 2017
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AFAIK the only difference between 32c and standard Mixbus is the EQ. The rest is the same. The EQ in the standard version works fine for me, so, that's what I'm rolling with.

I like Harrison's paid plugins a lot, actually. The ones that come with Mixbus are the standard Ardour set, which are so-so, and demos of Harrison's plugins. Harrison's plugins sound excellent and just work, especially when nothing else does. Fact, I don't think most 3rd party sets compare at all. They are LV2, which is a plugin standard for Linux, so you need a host that can run LV2 to use them in another DAW. I dunno, I don't like bloated plugins that have a million features but not usable sound so much, these are generally the opposite.

Have been running MB since V1. It feels like it is really coming into its own and maturing now on all fronts.