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was over at cake...

Add me to the list of poor souls who bought these awful KRKs. I should've known better when the first pair of KRK6s I brought home back in '13 had issues and I exchanged for a pair of 8s a few days later. Anyways, both mine are acting up now.

I really haven't used them much to be honest. Im curious if my black goo looks a whole lot 'cleaner' because of the light use or if the black goo issue is a problem that is isolated to a particular batch of black goo they used in manufacturer.

Nevertheless, one of my speakers has no amplification after opening the thing up (had the with weird volume changes for a while) and the other one is just starting to develop pops and very slight volume changes.

'The' resistor is the only thing that I can see that actually looks suspect (see pictures). No bulging caps that I can see.

How did you get the black goo off without taking of the components? I want to use a solvent, but I have read that epoxy removing solvents can also affect traces on the board. However, it looks like there are no traces? Only jumpers???**Edit, looks like the green could be traces?

Can I just dip this thing in a tub of epoxy remover solvent?

Also, the fact that both my LF and HF drivers are not working, this must rule out or narrow down the area where I need to target. Any ideas?

EDIT** So I've been messing around with this some more.
1. I do get sound out of the speakers but it is not amplified at all.
2. I only have 2.5V on red wires at the amplifier board (from both black and earth ground). I couldn't get any voltage from yellow wire.

UGH I was measuring DC voltage... I'm getting more or less appropriate AC voltages, back to the drawing board.

That black goo got in the pin connector for the main power. I think I almost snapped the board trying to get the pin connectors off...

Start testing components i guess... still looking for additional cleaning advice and ways to narrow down components. Everything looks fine and seems to be giving resistances...

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