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Old 6th December 2017
Vinyl records...

I have a big transfer/restoration job in house. Lots of vinyl to transfer. It is interesting to note that that for me when I put on a vinyl record I really want to listen to the whole side. It is not a CD where one can jump from track to track (easily). My intern who is helping me had never heard a vinyl record and was fascinated with the whole transfer. We have a microscope on our turntable so I was able to show him the groves which he also found fascinating.

The one thing that I am noticing is the difference in weights of various vinyl records. Some are thicker than others and one is so thin it droops when you pick it up. I am wondering if there was a "standard" weight or did it depend on who manufactured it and when it was produced?

I also an noticing the differences in play length and their effects on the overall sound reproduction. I was always taught that 22 minutes was about the longest one could go on a side for a vinyl record. Yesterday I did a record with 30 minutes on one side and 31 minutes on the other side. The levels were down and the bass had been rolled back.

Fascinating project and very enjoyable to do.