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VCA - Eagle interactions.

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Don't know if it's the same with your particular model but with the Concept One there is a ribbon cable that connects the 4 channel QCP boards together. That ribbon cable is configured with a jumper between pins 1 and 2 on the first unused connector in the sequence. Thus if adding or removing modules you move that jumper to the connector that is now "first unused". If all the connectors are used there will be no jumper. See section 6-12 of the Concept's manual. In addition you need to reconfigure the software for how many and what type modules you have (i.e. mono/stereo, moving fader, mono or color monitor used). As Lou above states, those directions / commands will be in the manual.

Also look for any jumpers on the input modules themselves and understand what each is for as they might set for fader type or VCA.
Thanks bassmankr but the otari status don't have QCP Cards (cpu is internal and a computer is not needed to have it operational and modules are programmed through software with no jumpers (they made it more "user friendly).

Something might be wrong with the software programming as the VCA faders are working but not seen on the eagle automation pc. Will do soon a re-calibration of the modules to see if it makes it any better, main issue is that we don't have a calibrated vu-meter but only a multimeter to set input level of the 1khz test tone.

Will keep updated on the next steps