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In a late interview - I cant find it - he was asked about modern interest in the 'berlin' school and was basically trying to say TD were the best and no one, not even now that the technology is basically free, could match what they did.

So his 'secret' wasn't anything to do with technology, it was probably just bragging - but - it did make me think how basically he was kinda right.

I mean lots of people have this stuff now, but there is not a single youtube video I can find that does as good a TD. Why is that? I think he was basically saying of course, it is to do with creativity, and how you use things, but it also made me think about getting the basics right, and how tone selection, composition AND the technical aspects must come together.

So no secret really, just the basic fact that machines don't make the music.
The 70's were also a very different time culturally and aesthetically...