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It's all easy to do in DAW's.

This was done with free VST's.

Edgar Froese would often refer to some 'secret' that marked out their work with sequencers. Something that others could not emulate. A lot of this is probably bragging, but one thing to note is that sometimes the sequencers, as with Rubicon, run in groups of six, i.e everything is running in triple time, not 4's. When the delay is properly set this results in that characteristic TD sound.

It's not a rule, but setting the delay time is crucial. There are plenty of youtube videos of people with an impressive modular failing to get it right simply because they have not set the delay time to match the sequence properly. It's not always about the correct time either, it is choosing the right note division for the tempo. It should not be so slow as to effectively simply be double tracking the phrase, or so fast that it cant dance properly. Its best done by hand and ear, using an analog type of delay emulating degraded repeats, sweeping the time until it hits the spot.

I don't really know what secret Edgar had, but I think this is part of it.

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