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Shade Tree Repair Guide: Fixing the Crackling/Static in KRK Rokit peakers


Hello fellow GS'ers! This is a reissue of a thread that I started over in the Cakewalk forums. It was immensely successful, more than I originally thought possible, as my findings helped many frustrated folks to repair their own crackling, static-ridden--in other words FAILING--KRK Rokit speakers. However, within Cakewalk forum, the thread always seemed a little out of place, though it did garner almost 65,000 views since 2014! The announcement of [insert expletive here] Gibson shutting down the Cakewalk brand, and the fear of a subsequent shutdown of the CW Forum, was the push I needed to port this thread over to Gearslutz.

Thread Summary

There are two (2) fixes outlined in this thread. One is to replace any defective and/or failed electrolytic capacitors, and the second is to clean up and remove the conductive goop that is slathered all over the printed circuit boards. Both issues result in the general failure of the speakers themselves, including the following symptoms:
  • Snaps, Crackles, and Pops
  • Static
  • Hum (60/120Hz)
  • Loss of Bass
  • Complete Loss of the LF or HF Speaker
  • In/Out Fading of Sound

It should be noted that simply replacing the capacitors may not be enough to repair your KRK's to good working order. The root-cause of 99% of the failures, both in components and in the audio quality, is the Black Goop of Death (henceforth as "BGoD"). So this thread, compared to the Cakewalk version, will be organized with cleaning up the BSoD first.

"It's all in the goop! Get rid of the goop and get your speakers back!"
Socrates, as transcribed by Plato, c. 410 BC.

Listen to the attachment file for a recorded example of the horrible sound emitted from my Rokit speakers! Does yours sound like this?
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