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I agree with this 100%. Knowing your gear is the most important part. I have gotten away with delivering professional-quality audio from the Zoom F4 because I gain properly (12-18dBFS of headroom) and prepare for each take. If something unrehearsed happens, it is not my responsibility because I communicate clearly before the production that the technical side of things can only work well, if it is prepared. It's crazy how much time and effort is spent on lighting and the perfect picture compared to audio preparation (rehearsing properly before shooting). So I have every right to ask for a retake if the production is interested in high quality and a mistake happens, that I could not prepare for. And while buying a device 5x the price does count as preparation on MY side (good limiters) it is so much cheaper to me to communicate properly, prepare every take properly and work with what I have as equipment. But that's just my way of doing things.

BTW, people have been posting Curtis Judd's "Analogue vs Digital Limiters" video as "proof" that the F Series limiters "suck". There is an update from Curtis:


This is nothing new to the people in this forum who understand the principle of "hybrid limiters" but it shows again, let's get to know our gear perfectly so that we can get great results from it.
thx for the link .. just watched .. interesting concept for the limiters !!!