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Old 30th November 2017
Lives for gear
Our Auxes
1- SDE1000 / TC D2
2- RE301
3- Fulltone SSTE
4- Vermona Retroverb
5/6- H3000
7/8- H7000
9/10- Orban 111b Spring
11/12- Pluto Plate
The only thing I spent more than $800 on was the Pluto Plate and the RE301.

Hardware is tactile and immediate. I have yet to hear software come close in both user interface and sound. Maybe someday... but with this rig, would I care?
The Retroverb, 111b, RE301, H7000 are CL finds for $300, 500, 800, 800. I love that lots of people think software is close enough. It helps bring the cost of hardware down a little.