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I like hardware effects and reverb units because you still have the hands on factor. Lots of nice sounding plugin effects out there that I will use, but I tend to use presets on plugins whereas hardware units I like to roll my own effects.

I have the Oto Bam and that's a great example of why I like hardware units. Immediate and quick to dial in sounds. It's also fun to use. I can't say the same thing about plugin effects. I've tried using the computer for soft synths and plugins for a long time, but I'm personally not a fan. Though it's nice because you do have less clutter in the studio, but no one cares about that here

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hey I thought this was Gearslutz

I never mentioned the 4 X PCM 80's 2X PCM 70's and The PCM 96 and all of the Eventide boxes
5 rooms lots of racks to fill ....
Very fortunate there