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I get that some are using springs, DIY plates, etc. But the standards in studios were the 480l, 960, TC 4000 and 6000, Yardstick, EMT 140, 250.
And I tend to think that guys who have those machines are still using them.
I have the Relabs, and am very happy with them (VSR S24, LX480) but I would tend more to give credence to someone like Jan Erik Kongshaug,
one of the main engineers for ECM (Manfred Eicher loves his reverb!) or Stefano Amerio, both of whom use TC 6000 and the Lex 960 - both of whom
prefer the hardware to plugs.

Is the Bricasti now the lone holdout for hardware vs. software reverb? Maybe. Software is creeping up pretty fast, though.