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Calibration of Beyerdyamic MM1


First of all, thank you for the great sticky pages, and comments, you have here - this is my first question in this section, but I´ve been a regular reader of this part of the GS, too, as a relative long time member of the GS.

I moved to a bigger house some time ago, and got my own work room there. I´ve got the regular basic treatments done in the room, and now in the first time, consider measuring the frequency response of the treated room. One reason for this is, that I´m slightly dissatisfied for the feeling (!), that the lower mid range is emphasized in the room.

Now, to get some real facts, I will measure the room by using the help of REW, and now ordering a measurement microphone, which is Beyerdyamic MM1.

When glancing through the sites looking for reviews or comments of this mic, I happend to notice a discourse, for few years back, focusing on the calibration of the measument mics, and particulary this mic.
Calibration of Beyerdyamic MM1 - Home Theater Forum and Systems -

There are no clear end result of this conversation, and after reading this section concerning the mic calibration in this GS sticky guide, I´d like to get comments to the following questions:

1. Is the mic calibration just more or less useless fine tuning in the environmet, where there are even bigger uncontrollable sources of errors?

2. The MM1 comes with a individual mic response graph - isn´t it enough, that I just take in to consideration that curve, i.e. the deviation of that individual mic to the absolutely flat response, when drawing the conclusions after the room measurement?. E.g. if there is a notch in mic curve in 1 kHz, I know that a similar notch in the REW results depend (partly) for the mic error?
Is there really any need for the mic calibration, in this type of measurement?

3. However, is the MM1 calibration is recommended by you, please advice me how to do, excactly - as you can read in the home theatre site comments, there might be some confustion how to do it correctly.