thread: Mixbus vs 32c
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Old 29th November 2017
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The 32C sounds lovely, especially if you engage the Limiter and slam that threshold on each and every channel.

We reviewed the mixbus last month in the magazine but I am about to write a review specific to the 32C.

Current shortcomings are:

Scaling of the mixer GUI puts the controls over the screen. If you don't scale this you can barely see the eq and send knobs.

Insert tree should be a floating dock otherwise it's for hawks only at the moment.

Few crashes experienced but alleviated when a reinstall of the software was done with all antivirus, malware etc software disengaged.

Plugins are good but not competitive with third party plugs.

Better navigation required when editing audio.

Timeline editing is a real hassle as all markers, loop points etc are squeezed on one nonadjustable window.

Limited audio and midi editing but the software never claimed to be a fully fledged DAW.

No floating docks.

No resizing of docks.

I am still conducting tests but will say this: it is gorgeous and if the niggles are sorted out it will take some rethinking by the big boys to compete with it. In terms of how it sounds, it is in a league of its own..