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Here for the gear

Created my own studio desk

Hello everybody,

It is my first post here and I want to share the proces of my studiodesk construction with you.
I found it very helpful to look at other peoples creation-diaries so therefore I figured why not share my own. I have to admit I'm also quite proud of it .
Before diving in to the construction details first a little bit about how the project came to life.

My previous desk was an Ikea table which was always full of gear and the ever growing stack of 19 inch gear was always far away and out of reach in a seperate rack.
Besides a very unergonomical setup, the cluttered desk was always a pain when working at home or studying which also had to be done in the "studio" due to limited space.

So I was in need of a desk that could house my 19 inch gear.
I started a search to see what was available and out of all the desks the Unterlass duodesk really looked amazing and practical.
But the price was too high for me and I didn’t want to settle for anything else/less.
I have to admit that now, knowing how much work it is to build a desk yourself, the price is more than worth it.
But determined to save money in order to invest it in probably a new synth I decided to build my own Unterlass inspired desk.
It was also a challenge for me because at the time I had no more DIY skills than putting together an Ikea product.
I also saw an opportunity to invest in power tools which was a good bet because they now have proven useful in a recent kitchen remodeling.
So if you want to save money, want to build a desk exactly as you want it, invest in power tools, acquire DIY skills, have patience, time, space then I encourage you to go for it!
Otherwise buy an Unterlass desk cause they are awesome (a little free marketing here as a thank you for the inspiration!)



P.S. placed a photo of the endresult below with all the equipment installed in the desk for the first time.
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