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Hardware Flock Audio: Introducing The PATCH System (Announcement)

Hey Everyone I just wanted to post about a new piece...actually the first of our Pro Audio Technology line from Flock Audio Inc. | Flock Technologies.

I’m proud to announce the first piece of pro audio technology…The Flock Audio PATCH System. The PATCH system is 100% digitally controlled 64 point (expandable) analog patch bay routing system completely controlled by a software application on your computer.

A combination of a sleek 1U Hardware unit and a Mac/Windows Compatible software application, the Flock Audio PATCH is a powerhouse of features whether your tracking, mixing or mastering. The system comes equipped with a lot of features and functions.

Please visit: to get more details and run down of the PATCH System and sign up for the mailing list to get more details as well as the pre-order announcement.

You can also watch our debut video announcement here:

Thanks! Take care everyone!
- Darren Nakonechny (CEO/Founder) Flock Audio Inc.