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Ok I see. I don’t have an account with them. I bought the bundles from them before they started using Avangate for payments nearly four years ago. I’ve written them an email to see if they Can still arrange a discount.
I hope it works out for you and do tell! I'm recovering from heart problems and my income isn't enough for the reverb. But I've owned a lot of decent reverbs from Roland SRV-330 to prosumer stuff like Quadraverb2, a LOT of impulses and whatnot and just a few softwares, but Reverb 4 to a large degree is the "reverb I've heard in my head" for years. I could just listen to music through it all day and in fact have a couple times!

So I'll do my best to gather more pennies, grab Reverb 4 and start rendering. In conclusion, I don't know what others hear with this reverb but it really hits home with my DNA and I feel at long last, one of those personal sound tools is achievable - at terrific cost (over time the money stacks up pretty high), and yet now it's closer and affordable than ever! Crazy! Wish me luck too!