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Well, they are 13 years old since their debut. There have been 2 versions since their release in Apogee's line-up (Symphony mk1 and now Symphony mk2.) So it is now a 3 generations back product, no warranty, no future support. That all takes a hit including the better chips on the Symphony boards. I also don't know if Symphony (software/cards) even still support the AD/DA 16X; I've only used them with the Pro Tools digilink cards.

They were generally trouble-free for me until I got rid of them; there was the occasional need to do a full reset when they went blinky (never knew the cause of this -- separate machine room and HVAC cooled) but Apogee walked me through (they were not surprised which indicates they know of an issue.) There was also the annoying firmware update that was a PITA needed to keep them working with Pro Tools which involved opening them up and doing two updates per unit -- but that was years ago and I'd expect all on the market today have had that happen. Overall more reliable than the Symphony Mk1 box.

As for your price comparison -- at the $1k price point and comparing used to new, I think you've hamstrung the competition. $1k used to used comparison might find some competitors. But do you need Pro Tools support? The big competitor to Apogee was Lynx in that market (modular expansion, multi-channel, Pro Tools support)