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Thank you Tchad for your time, and all the information and inspiration you have shared here.

From the moment I heard the hard panned dualing drums on suzzane vega's "Tombstone" I found a new love of music production. I started as a musican, and was always in love with the SOUNDS of records when i was growing up. As I progressed through the label and music making machine, I lost that love of the pure FEELING of records. Hearing what you have done sonically to shape some of the greatest artists of the past 20 years has inspired me beyond description.

Today I chase the sounds and feelings that records inspired in me as a kid. I live music today, no longer chasing the fame, money, etc. I make RECORDS with ARTISTS....and I wanted to thank you personally for providing a great deal of my textbooks in this form of art we call record making.

Warm wishes on your new endeavors into the world of digital audio, and new horizons of this music business. Your work, your sounds, and now your words have inspired me again...thanks for taking the time out of your life to contribute to this forum.

I hope everyone here will not focus on trying to use all the information you have shared to mimic your STYLE...but instead, use it as more information, more inspiration in their own unique production styles, and more importantly...make music that touches the listener on many, many levels.

I know I will...



Thank you very much for your note. tb