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Old 24th November 2017
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Another happy RME user here.

Current main interface is the RME UFX+ hooked up via AES out to a Dangerous Music Source for monitor control.
The previous interface is still in use, its an RME UCX, which is connected to the UFX+ via ADAT for some extra I/O.

I'm currently looking to add more I/O via MADI, but undecided and cant figure out what to go for. Considering an Orion 32+.

Previously I had a Metric Halo 2882 2D+DSP which was great but it got sold a while back when I moved, and I picked up the UCX to replace it as a more portable option when I got to my destination.
Prior to that I was running an emagic EMI 2/6. I think a Soundblaster before that!

The RME stability has been exceptional - the most reliable pieces of gear I've ever had.