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I don't think there's an easy answer. It's a phase/learning experience some people just have to go through. When people finally assemble a great set up that works for them and getting new stuff only messes that up... when there is overpowering regret for the Xth time and realization that more stuff is only complicating/taking up space/not bringing happiness... over that process people can cut down or in some cases eliminate the GAS. Finally, if the focus is on making music instead of buying stuff, GAS relief comes.

For a deeper view, check out an interview with Carl Jung entitled "Americans Must Say No." It's about saying no to living a life that is not truly in accordance with one's individuality. It is of universal application (not just for Americans).
We’ll i’m definitely finding that any more gear and it’ll pi$$ me off and get in the way of making music. I suppose my GAS’ing is due to the fact that when i made music in the 90’s I had the WORST setup known to man that was pretty much unusable (Atari ST, S2000 with no storage or FX or outputs or really any samples, mixing to Minidisc through a DJ mixer - it was hell). So in these days of being able to buy hardware at 10 cents on the dollar, I’m like a kid in a candy store lol I’m at 50+ U of gear and counting....

Thanks for the advice. I’ll look at at the Carl Jung info too.

Thanks again