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Old 23rd November 2017
Here for the gear

The reverb is of course binaural to create an overall binaural experience in binaural output mode. Parts of the room simulation depend on the position.
This is great! Binaural reverbs are still quite rare, so this plugin can be very useful. Is it possible to switch the direct sound and early reflections off, so that the reverb can be isolated?

Are some of the reverb presets based on real-life halls? The dimensions of Concert Halls 1 and 2 appear very close to the Boston Symphony Hall and the Amsterdam Concertgebouw.

Of course we can't give you too deep insides into the algorithms of our product, but it seems you know a lot about spatial audio and binaural technology.
I don't actually know much about binaural technology – the technical specifications that I mentioned are simply the standard settings that other binaural software such as Wavearts' Panorama and Valve's Steam Audio offer the user for customization. It is difficult to compare DearVR with such competitors without more technical information.

It's on our roadmap, what format for custom HRTFs do you propose?
If I am not mistaken, other plugins use a “SOFA” format.