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many many thanks tchad from germany

hello tchad

your definitive give me new solutions and new point too go

will said many many thanks i much appreciate all your answering here

you open much oldschool thinking eyes

for itb mixing with plugins .

i allway have too loose my time with artists how just wanna work only with outboard gear

now i give them this tread no. and they can see whatup with

that much of your hero like records make with plugs.

at least iam mostly inside blackmusic game

but your sexsmith records mixing is awesome i wish i can learn more about it at anytime(please jules giv him some money for encore hehe).

i wish you and your family all the best ... health more sucess lol

meaby if have the fortune too come closer too your work anytime.


wildpark artist network germany

p.s hit me if you plan a dvd turtorial with itb mixing techniqes i will buy that direkly.