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Old 22nd November 2017
Here for the gear

I gotta admit that I cheat a bit, but for a good reason...
I've been using Sonarworks Reference plugin for headphone mixing. Their correction curves to make your headphones flat are pretty spot on (at least with K701s and Sony MDR 7506s). Pretty affordable, also.
No method is perfect, but when I am mixing (usually with the K701s lately), I find myself using the new Ozone 8 Tonal Balance Control with my own custom "ref trax" curves, according to the project.
I noticed only a few months ago that my high end perception had diminished, as is expected with age.
The loss of high end hearing resulted in exaggerated high end, making the songs brittle sounding. Sonarworks and Izotope to the rescue!
While not perfect, it is a viable option for people in my "over 50" age bracket.
Cheers, love and all that fuzzy stuff!