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Old 15th November 2017
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Yes, the interface is a bit funky, lol. The reverb is very nice - a 'poor man's Bricasti.' I also like the bass and vocal enhancer but there's big latency on it; need some time to suss it out. I quite like the Ardour DAW too, good workflow.
I'm definitely going to try the 32C - they keep making offers I can't refuse.
I like the reverb also the tight bright one I use a lot in conjunction with Valhalla VVV. I also like the Multiband comp to clean up bass. Seems to really focus the sound, not sure why, maybe the crossovers? Anyway, I have the delay and eq which seem to be useful, but a shame are self contained. I can't use 32c since I work on a laptop. Love the flow though although the GUI drives me crazy with the track naming being tiny.... Really stupid in an otherwise very cool package....