thread: Standing desks?
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Old 15th November 2017
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This is what I'm using-

Which is a Jarvis desk frame, with the whole top built out of plywood.

Going to actually be rebuilding the desks (and a whole new studio) over the next year, and this time I'm going to use a 3 leg frame kit (going to try a 3 leg UPLIFT frame kit) for more stability as people want to lean on the desk.

It is a challenge to get acoustics good for all positions, in my setup, only sitting is really *mixing and mastering* worthy. But, being able to stand for tracking, editing, production etc is awesome and also it's great to be able to adjust for different seated heights. I really like the chairs like the Hon Capisco where you can 'perch', but it was pretty expensive and proved not to be durable enough for a studio with multiple engineers etc.