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Well, I mixed in the box for years.. but I just felt so disconnected from the music.. so when I got the chance to get a desk again (my Neotek) it was the best decision ever for me..
Now, do I get screwed sometimes by recalls? Of course. Just did. And it's because "everyone just mixes in the box, don't you" thinking by artists, producers and record wanks. I need it now, and I want it now.
This is the only artistic endeavor where people decide what tools the artist uses based on $$.
No one tells the guitar player to play a Squire because it would be better for the budget.. right?
SO maybe I'll go back someday.. maybe no one will come to me for mixes because I'm a Luddite and just won't get with the march of progress.. Ok, time to get a gig at Walmart as a greeter... And I do believe I can drop fries still..

Now, if someone came up with a real controller that connected to PT (or something else) and it looked, worked and sounded like an analog console, maybe (Harrison Series 12.. Euphonix Series 5..)
And I don't consider the Raven a console.. (But Steven does have good taste when it comes to grooming products and Bacon...)