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Old 14th November 2017
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LTI - Lemur Touch Interface for Harrison Mixbus32C

Hi guys, just figured I would drop in and share something I've been working on for quite some time.

As you may or may not know, Mixbus features a very rich OSC protocol, that has, for a long time, lacked a great controller to pair with it. When we sat down and tried to create one we really wanted to emphasize customizability, and we couldn't think of a better platform than Lemur's powerful, customizable OSC controller application for Android and for iOS.

So I created the Lemur Touch Interface for Mixbus32C; and it is available today!

You can download the LTI FOR FREE HERE.

The LTI features:
- Mixer Interface: 8 fader scrollable banking interface with quick access to transport, channelstrip knobs, and monitoring.
- Session Overview Interface: displays 24 track "cards" with rec-arm, mute, solo and other features.
- Track Expansion Interface: with channelstrip EQ and Compressor knobs.
- Transport Interface: with change-able jog modes, accelerated scrolling, and transport controls.
- Controller Customization options, and infinite flexibility.
- And much, much, more!

Check out the interface in this hands-on video or see individual panels below!


    The Mixer Interface provides 8 channels in a bank that can be scrolled up or down, each with: fader, mute, solo, panning, rec-arm, monitor selection, and a waveform "history" display that shows a simple waveform for the track.
    The Mixer page also provides global controls for the monitor level ( plus mono, dim, and mute ), a jog wheel, master rec/arm, master play/stop, and previous/next marker.

    The Session Overview Interface shows 24 channels simultaneously, each with Mute, Solo, Rec-arm, meter, and fader up/down buttons (in 1dB increments). This page is infinitely expandable by scrolling in increments of four, or scrolling up/down by pages of 24.

    The Track Interface provides access to the channel's compressor with a simple tap from the Mixer interface, EQ, and Mixbus send knobs. Additionally you can change compression modes and disengage both the EQ and Compressor.

    The Transport Interface provides a standard jog wheel & a changeable accelerating scroll wheel, another set of monitor controls, and a selection of useful transport & editing functions which allow a musician or solo recorder to operate Mixbus remotely.
    You can find out more by going to the official product page located here.

Thanks for everyone's support, and I hope you download this and give it a shot! Be sure to drop a line in this thread if you have feature suggestions or issues downloading and installing.