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You're right, a lot of releases will show up red. It's quite surprising how many songs are released that end up clipped and over compressed, as you've now seen for yourself.

This happens for a number of reasons. Firstly, the loudness wars plays a big part in this. But also, if you get your music from iTunes, you'll find a lot of clipping. A lot of engineers send wav files to iTunes peaking at 0.0dBFS. When iTunes converts these to AAC for delivery, the peak almost always increases (more so if the track is particularly compressed and loud). So the file that the customer receives is clipping...The MFiT (mastered for iTunes) preset in EXPOSE would help you avoid this particular issue.

This is just relating to iTunes…I could go on and explain my reasons for the other presets in a similar depth. It's also important to note that a file might have been completely blue with no issues before uploading to iTunes, then the iTunes AAC converter increased the peaks, so the track now shows red in EXPOSE. EXPOSE is a tool to use before uploading a track, not after it's been converted, as some readings (in the case of iTunes, the peak) will be different.*

These platforms (Spotify, Youtube etc) have different ways of delivering or streaming audio. A lot of the music currently on these platforms still being mastered as if its being delivered on CD. HENCE, we have a lot of music with a lot of issues.**

Whichever way you look at it, it’s useful to know the technical details of your audio.*There are a load of empty user presets for you to create your own presets that work for your music
Thanks for taking the time to provide this perspective. From my end
many of the mixes that are flagged sound just fine and most individual
red sections the same.

There is an important factor in all systems that produce alerts
called "alert (or alarm) fatigue" see:

Too many alerts and too many false positives => user does not
pay any attention any more. I would recommend incorporating a
threshold knob in the UI under every problem diagnostic category
that allows users to set the seriousness of red flagged

Also operating outside the daw is a workflow killer because fixing the
problems requires switching apps, saving audio files and reloading/re-analyzing them.

If these two items are fixed I would be happy to pay multiples of the
current asking price.