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Gaucho - SteelyDan [MFSL - CD] returns all blue with the Mastering CD preset.

M.Jackson - Billy Jean [24/96 HD] - all Red in 'Loudness Range' tab, 5 sections in the 'Stereo Balance' tab.

The Loudness Range reading can be taken with a pinch of salt. Billie Jean has a very consistent loudness throughout the whole song, which is why the LU reading is closer to zero than most tracks. EXPOSE was created to VERY quickly give you all this information in a way that was easy to digest. But of course the engineer or artist has the final say in what sounds best and what is the best decision for the music. In the case of Billie Jean, the driving drum groove throughout the song is not only awesome, but iconic. We made ALL the preset totally editable so you can change your thresholds to whatever suits your preferences (as well as a number of user preset slots).