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Old 13th November 2017
Here for the gear

I am delighted to find a binaural positioning plugin that also includes reverb:

* Is the reverb fully binaural and position-dependent?

I am curious to know more about the technical specifications:

* Does DearVR use a custom HRTF, or does it use a standard HRTF such as the MIT Kemar?

* HRTFs are measured only at some specific directions. For sources from other directions, does DearVR use interpolation, or are the apparent positions rounded to the closest measured position?

* What is the maximum number of rays and bounces that DearVR uses?

* What is the length of DearVR's default HRTF?

* Does DearVR's positioning work equally well at all supported sample rates?

Unfortunately, for my ears, DearVR does not work at all. The source either becomes spread out and fuzzy, or jumps/whooshes between the front and sides. I hope that DearVR will soon offer the capability to load custom HRTFs!

Another feature that is crucial for realistic movement, is the Doppler effect. Please also consider adding this feature to upcoming versions.