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So I was asked to do this Spanish Language version by Jack after doing the Rome record sessions with Danger Mouse. I set up a vocal chain in Blackbird B replicating the chain from the Conquest session docs.

I pulled the Tapes from the vault and started to see what was going on with them.. Joe tracked it on one 2" 16track at 30 its, then created a slave reel on a second machine to do the vocal bounces and horn tracks. he then copied the Horn mix and the BGV Blend back to the Master reel creating a single 16 track master. Brilliant work btw..

I hoped to be able to use the slave reel to do this session and then just mix with both machines in sync. And I could have..except for one little snafu.. Joe had made an edit as they were mixing (a tiny 1/4-ish second edit) at the very top.. now the Flying Fader System would ignore this skip in timecode, but the synchronizers would not.. so the slave reel was now a 1/4 second off at the downbeat.. and it would take 8 or 9 bars before catching up. Not usable. But it did have an unintended cool consequence, that being that when playing both machines at the top the horns from that master (bounced from the slave reel) and the slave reel horns created this somehow perfect echo of each other.. and when I played this for Jack he was like "we have to use that!"
So, I had to make a copy of the master reel to use for this session, and we just rerecorded Jacks verses over the English and left the bridge vocals. When we mixed later in the day we replicated the horn echo my using a pair of PCM 42's.. Personally, I love this version because it is way campy-er (is that a word) than the English version.. Check it out!