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Good question. Yes, and no. I've become very selective about what NEW Music I listen to. I never read mags or whatnot to find what I should be listening to, but I hear things from my friends and peers about so and so and then I'll listen.
I never check other peoples work. Ever. I try and just enjoy the music as it is without criticism.
Notice I said try? Sometimes it's hard to do that. That said,I never reference other peoples work while mixing.. thats a hole I am not wanting to go down... even if the client wants me to do it, I defer as long as I can.

After work, I listen to NPR. Weekends I've got a couple favorite streams we will put on in the house (Sonos) and if something comes up that catches my ear I'll look it up.

I love the new LCD Soundsystem record. BTW.