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Hardware/Plugin Strength and Weaknesses for home studio

Hello Vance! Cheers for taking the time to do this, very cool. I'm a fan of a lot of your work, but will get right on with the question...

I wrote and produced mainly electronic music for a while, but in the last couple years I got bit by the recording more live stuff bug (is that a bug?) and have been getting more serious about recording, mixing and creating a solid and polished final product. More singer/songwriter stuff, me and other folks...

I use plugins, UAD as well, and have been doing the hybrid thing. I "feel" like my stuff sound's better when I use more hardware, and am comfortable knowing this could be a placebo effect.

To you, someone who uses a lot of great hardware and plugins, but also has the skill to understand them and use them properly (or improperly at times) where do you think strengths and weaknesses lie? Hardware has always been great, is great, but plugins are getting better. Have you found a specific niche your comfortable using plugins to substitute for hardware? Is the difference so small that recall-ability and convenience shadow sonic nirvana?