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So, where to start here..
I guess a few technical things...
The record was recorded (masterfully) by Joe Chiccarelli on 2 locked Studer 827 16 tracks at 30 ips, no noise reduction.
He used RMGI 900 tape which sounded great but had some serious issues later in the process..

I transferred each song (locked to tape) into PT's to facilitate mixing faster as waiting for the machines to lock up was not the most efficient way of working. We transferred locked so that we could easily stitch back to the tape to see what it sounded like and the Flying Fader automation was still valid.

Tape was always better. Always.

Blackbird has Elco Patch's for the tape machine connection to the desk so it was easy to move them around to transfer. After we transferred we would hook the PT out to the Tape machine inputs and then mix thru the machine on input.

It's a long story about how I got involved but I'll leave that story till after the statute of limitations elapses and the bodies are good and cold.

I walked in a day early to finish horns (The Memphis Horns) on "The Switch and the Spur". We got the first half done (they had been there all day and were tired!), then finished in the am.

First song I mixed was "Consoler's". I started at about 2pm and finished an approved mix by 9pm with some dinner in the middle. From there it became a two song a day whirlwind until I had all 15 songs done. It took 14 days total to do all the mixes and recalls. Two songs were left off to be included in a Vault package later..

more later...