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I'm an old FOH guy, so I always see the band as if they are on stage.. Never drummer's perspective, guitar hard left and hard right, if there is a piano and a b3 one more to the left one more to the right.. etc..I'm kinda a L/C/R guy 99% of the time.

I steal the Glynn Johns setup where I put everyone in a line with the kick drum, and then we just tweak amp levels so that the room feels right, a good amount of music in with the drums...
Vocal monitoring is the tricky one, I've put a small powered speaker in front of the singer to just get a little back in their face.. I've used floor monitors (usually they are too loud.. inverse square law and stuff..) but I'm not a big fan of that.. and I've put the singer in the CR with me.
And sometime everyone uses headphone and well, normal day at the office.