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I'm still trying to get the foolproof vocal sound!
This is a tough one.. because sometimes I'll setup an amp in the room with the singer so that they get a bit of an overdriven "push" in the room with them, sometimes I've tracked vocals in the control room with the bigs on tons of delay and verb on the vocals so that when I stop tape it will start feeding back.. makes for a powerful vocal take, that's full of noise.. sometimes that's good!
With Stapleton, he sings every take live, so he's out there with the bass and his guita,r the Drums are behind a door in a booth right next to him.. With JackWhite, sometimes I would put all the fx on top of a gobo in front of him and let him manipulate them in real time (Cut's Like a Buffalo). We should have no rules, just do what ever works. And be prepared to fail.. it's ok.