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I guess my experiences dealing with C12 clones vary significantly from the consensus of the thread so far. I have handpicked the pair of C12s I have now from half a dozen and tested it against Tele, Wunder and Flea clones. None of the clones came close to the high register of the original. It was not subtle either.
To the thread reviver. This says it all. I started from a place with the originals and tried modern versions and they just sounded nasty in the 8k region in comparison. I'd just as soon have a versatile VMS or an L22 emulation than a fake copy regardless of how expensive it is as bright mics with less depth sound similar.

My present C12 style is an all original C24 and it has that class that clones don't come close too. Chocolate compared to Carob. Coffee compared to bitter Chicory etc.